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About Us


Youngblood & Sons, Inc’s leadership has more than 100 yrs of construction experience, and as we grow we keep adding to our level of experience.


We are a family owned and operated business out of Sunriver, Oregon. Youngblood & Sons, Inc. is based in our love for construction, and a dream to teach our sons about construction and more importantly, work ethic. Although a newer company, we have big plans (and dreams) for the future. The future is now.  In just 2-1/2 years we have grown from a one person operation, to a corporation operating three construction based companies: Youngblood Residential, Youngblood Commercial, and Sunriver Flooring & Design. We look forward to our continued growth based on a great relationship with the Central Oregon community for many years to come. We also have a strong belief in “keeping it local” which means, when buying materials and supplies, we do everything we can to buy from a local company. Our logo was designed by a local company, the graphics on all of our vehicles will be put on by a local company and a local shop. We are dedicated to keeping it local, which includes exclusively using local sub-contractors.


Making Construction Great Again!  We believe in our quality, our service, and our vision.  We love taking your dreams mixing them with our dreams and making them reality.   Sometimes the project is a small bathroom remodel or a small office remodel.  Other times it’s million dollar remodel and even a ground up build!  The size of the project does not matter, we take pride and joy in each and every project.


Contact us today for a free project assessment and quote, we look forward to working with you!

Phone: (541) 550-8083

Email: office@youngbloodandsons.com